You’ll Be Amazed To Know The Connection Between Head Lice & Black People!

I remember when my girl was scratching her head crazily and I was asking her not to do that as it will cause her bruises. My friend just had a look at me and said is she is having lice or lice eggs in her hair. I wasn’t pretty sure about what she was saying. I mean how can a black girl can have lice in her deeply knitted and braided hair. I took it as a joke and made fun of what she just said. But it really surprised me when she told me the next thing. I wasn’t able to gulp up that information as it was something entirely new for me.

Can black people get head lice?

For me, when someone asks can black people get lice? My reply would be black people hair is thick and dense due to this crawling of a head lice is next to impossible. But according to my friend, her neighbor’s kid were infested with head lice. If it is just about one or two or may be three head lice, I could have accepted it but what if someone tells you that the black girl hair was heavily infested? I could not believe her.

I was amazed!

She then made me open my internet and searched for can black people get head lice ? When I searched I was flabbergasted as there was ton of information of head lice about black people on different websites. How do you feel when you got to know about this? I don’t know about majority of the people but for me it isn’t stand true until I was exposed to this information.

Everything that you need to know about head lice!

You should know that black people are as likely to get head lice as white people are. But the chances are less as compared to the white people in which head lice occurs more. On account of this, I searched that is head lice also common in African countries as I never have heard of a black girl having head lice at my place. The results were again surprising for me as it was written that head lice in African countries has evolved to live in the African hair. I have just gathered some more facts for you that are mentioned below.

⦁         According to a website of The National Pediculosis Association, head lice was initially originated in three continents and every head lice has different characteristics and anatomy.

⦁         Being mother we need to realize that it does not matter if we are black, white or Hispanic, we all are under the attack of head lice as head lice can survive on any of us.

⦁         It is not difficult for head lice to survive on our blood or to crawl in our hair. It will adapt itself with the changing climate and environment.

⦁         Head lice will continue to affect our kids as schools also take precautionary measure for head lice and send regular check letters that if mothers are continuously examining their kids’ lice.

⦁         One more thing to remember is that head lice can spread in girls as well as boys so it is a matter of choice to whom it targets but the reality is that it can survive on both gender.

Remember to be careful about head lice as it spreads quickly and always take the appropriate measures fast and quick to get rid of it quickly.



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